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Stark Drones believes underwater Wireless Communications can lead to Oceanic Colonization

And this is one of the many reasons we want to preserve our oceans
Our Story

Stark Drones is a Michigan registered C-Corp that works on creating disruptive technologies related to Aeronautics and Aquatics

Our Vision

We want to preserve humanity and greatly inspire others to reach for the skies with some of the disruptive innovations we are working on


We have a variety of different technologies, this page talks about one of our most recent projects, Underwater Wireless communications.

Who are we

How it works


We have an integrated data platform that is able to garnish data from our sensory tech in real time


We are faster then current methods which require surveying and much larger infrastructure

How it works
Why we are best?

"We can help provide valuable information about our oceans w/ a noiseless signal"

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Twitter: @gamer456148

Stark Drones Corporation

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